PUNKd’s Ron G Talks To Comedy Hype: “My Goal Is To Be The Will Smith Of My Generation”

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As BET brings back prank show PUNK’D, they push a few emerging comedic talents with the show. Comedian Ron G who has worked the comedy stages for 11 years is finding himself in that new spotlight. For an interview with Comedy Hype, Ron better explains his career, being labeled as a clean comedian, PUNK’D, and delivers some advice to aspiring comedians.

CH: What were your first thoughts on being apart of Punk’d and approach into filming the show?

RG: Just to be apart of it is like being apart of history. It’s one of those things that is apart of our culture now. You’ll hear people say, “Man it feels like I’m being Punk’d.” I’m grateful because I got it off of my first audition, which never happens. When I did it I held the room so long when I fisrt met the producer he was like “Dude, I never met anyone that can do what you do, I think you would do really well on the show.” Part of the show is creating the perfect scenario and keep it exciting. My first one which was on the first episode with K. Michelle. I had so much fun. Your only concern is to make sure they stay in the room. If you ever get them mad, most celebs will try to fight you or leave. I choose the more humble approah where you can tell what kind of person they are based on how they handle it. In the ASAP Rocky prank, I really cried in the scene and he kept telling me, “It’s going to be okay man, it’s going to be okay.” He was such a nice guy, it’s interesting to see how they react. on the other hand, K. Michelle was a little reckless, she recorded and kept saying “You crying over this B (*tch). It was freaking funny man. If you watch the show I always chose to keep them engage versus pissing them off.

ron g

CH: Pay in stand-up comedy can vary, heard the pay for stand-up comedians in Los Angeles are on the lower end, any comments on that?

RG: It’s a different kind of hustle. In New York City you can probably pay rent doing stand-up but honestly LA is a showcase city that comes with opportinuinites. I had a national commercial running, im doing larger gigs, warm up shows, the opportunities are endless. There’s no cieleing in LA. I can be Kevin Hart or bigger just because the people I get in front of. If you’re stuck on I need to make a certain amount to be a successful comic you will not do well out here. For the most part I make a really good living by being in LA. In LA if people like you and you have good product you’ll always work.

CH: Being called a clean comedian, means what?

RG: I started off being a dirty comedian, and an older comic jerry farmer asked me “You’re a good looking guy, why do you cuss so much?” When I finally tried being clean, I started winning, and thought okay maybe this is my lane. What i consider clean comedy os that i do not do any sexual stuff, if i do anything sexual I’ll hint at it but let you fill in the blank. I’ll even joke about going to the strip club, my material is just real life stuff with no cursing or anything sexual.

CH: What would you define as success in today’s comedy?

RG: One is being able to pay your bills off your comedy. To be able to do what you love for a living. First few years theres alot of struggle, trying to figure things out. My goal is to be the Will Smith of my generation. Do really dope movies, Alien movies. I want to be the best clean comedian of my generation. I dont want to have to announce it. I want to be the person if you think of clean comedy, i want them to say “Ron G”. The route im trying to do is that you can bring the whole family to my show, thats like four tickets.

Your’e either a hunter or fisher in comedy. If you’re a fisher, you throw a joke out there and hope you catch something. As a hunter I make you laugh and if you don’t something is wrong with you.

CH: known clean comedian is Bill Cosby,  Mike Epps has went on to say Cosby’s mistake in the recent controversies is that for years he portrayed himself to be clean, what’s your thoughts?

RG: Cosby was like everbody’s dad growing up. I didn’t set out to be Bill Cosby, it just happened. When you’re in your lane and doing what you do things just come. I had a TEd talk explaining how the things that use to make me weird, now make me money. Talent doesn’t exlcude you from being yourself. Your talent will get you there but your charcter will sustain you. What I appreciate about Mike Epps comment is that it’s about being aunthentic. With Bill Cosby I can’t even judge it because he’s contributed to so much of my childhood. What I will say is that black people are really loyal. From Crefo Dollar, Eddie Murphy, R. Kelly, Mike Vic, were just loving people. I’m not god so I can’t judge nobody, I just learned to celebrate the talent from the person.

CH: Where is Ron G looking to go with his career in the next few years?

RG: I want to do scripted TV films, then probably shoot a special after that. I don’t want it to be something mass produced. If you look at people on Def Jam, everyone was working on their stuff atleast 10 years before so when they came out they were super monsters. I really love what I do and by the time my special comes out, I want it to be really special. I want it to be great. When you look at Eddie Murphy’s Raw or Delirious, I want it to be just like that.

Ron closes things out with his message to aspiring comedians.

“Dont treat comedy like a side chick”

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