Redd Foxx Would Have Been 94 Today, A Look At One Of His Best Films ‘Harlem Nights’


Today comedy legend, Redd Foxx would have been 94 years old today. Not only was his stand-up appreciated by many but a lot loved his time in film. Most notably Redd Foxx was able to show his comedy status as he shared the screen with Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and others in 1989’s Harlem Nights. Foxx played Bennie Wilson.

A rundown of the film’s plot, What was your favorite Redd Foxx moment?

First of all, it features three comedy greats, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Redd Foxx. How can you beat that?  It begins in 1918 in New York. Sugar Ray (played by Richard Pryor) is playing a dice game. But, his fortune starts to change when he is nearly killed by an angry patron. Why nearly? Ray’s life is saved by an elementary age errand boy Vernest Brown, who shoots the customer.  After Vernest tells Sugar Ray that his parents are dead, Ray decides to take him under his wing and raise him as his son. And, due to the boy’s street smarts, Ray bestows him with the moniker “Quick.”  Fast forward 2 decades later and we find Quick (played by Eddie Murphy) and Ray are the owners of a nightclub named “Club Sugar Ray.” Smalls, who is the muscle for a gangster by the name of Bugsy Calhoun and Calhoun’s mistress, Miss Dominique Larue arrive at the club. Their sole purpose of visiting the establishment is to tell Calhoun about how well or how badly the business is doing.  Things are going great for Murphy and Pryor so it isn’t long before they are paid a visit by Calhoun’s corrupt detective pal, Sgt. Phil Cantone. The corrupt cop threatens to shut down the club unless Calhoun gets a percentage.  Not wanting any trouble, Ray decides to shut down shop. But, before he can do that, he wants to make sure that his friends and employees are provided for. He sees his chance in an upcoming bout between Jack Jenkins (the defending champion) and Kirkpatrick. Ray’s sure that that the fight will make a lot of money in bets.  Ray’s plan is to bet on Kirkpatrick so that Calhoun believes that Jenkins is going to throw the fight. Added to this, Ray also plans to rob Calhoun’s booking houses by using Sunshine to distract Calhoun’s man. Unaware of the plan, Calhoun believes that it is Smalls who’s stealing from him and, as a consequence has his killed. Quick is near the scene of the crime and is nearly killed by Small’s brother Reggie. Not one to run from a fight, Quick kills virtually everyone there. Calhoun then sends LaRue to seduce and murder Quick but he realizes that it’s all a sham and he kills her.  Growing increasingly angry, Calhoun orders his thugs to burn down Club Sugar Ray. Sunshine, who’s still seducing Richie, tells him that she has something to do. Richie agrees to drive her there as he is about to go get some money for Calhoun himself. But, on the way there, Richie gets into an “accident” that was orchestrated by Jimmy, one of Ray’s henchman.  It is at this moment that Quick and Ray (disguised as police officers) try to arrest Richie. They tell him that Sunshine is a drug dealer. But, this is all a ruse for Quick to switch the bag with Calhoun’s money with the one that Sunshine originally placed in the car. Things go awry when two real cops arrive. Richie simply tells them that he’s doing something for Calhoun and they let him go. Fast forward to the champion fight and two of Ray’s men blow up Calhoun’s club in retaliation for burning down Club Sugar Ray. During the fight, Calhoun realized that it’s not fixed and to make matters worse, he hears that his club has been destroyed. And, that’s not all. But, to learn about what happened, you will have to watch the movie yourself. Like getting the chance to play free casino games at, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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