Redd Foxx’s Las Vegas Home Should Become A Museum Dedicated To His Life


Redd Foxx was one of the Greatest Of All Time in comedy. His riffs and storylines were pure gold. Unfortunately, he was known more for his financial struggles toward the end of his life rather than his punchlines. But before he passed, he took up residency in Las Vegas to be closer to the casinos where he performed his comedy shows. So what was it like living in Vegas in the 1970’s as Redd Foxx? Foxx’s life in Las Vegas was much different than today and it was before the era of online casinos like Spin Palace.

According to a YouTube video that surfaced in 2015, the home was in great condition and served as an extended entertainment pad for Redd Foxx and his guests. There was a luxurious pool on the giant lot, as well as a huge yard for his 7-8 dogs. Redd Foxx maintained his grand lifestyle thanks to his series of ongoing comedy shows. But now, the home is currently being used for a realty maintenance corporation. The pool was covered with gravel and the yard hasn’t seen a shred of grass in years. Sadly, the home lost its luster. At one point, the home was the headquarters of a living legend. Once Foxx’s home was seized by the IRS in 1989, he never regained control of the property or any of his possessions inside of it either. The stress of it all got to him and he died of a heart attack just two years later.

Now the home doesn’t resemble any of the Hollywood glamour that it deserves. Why isn’t this home a relic? Rock music has Graceland. Pop music has Neverland Ranch. But where is comedy’s headquarters? Famed Las Vegas musician, Liberace even has his previous Las Vegas home available to tour. Imagine the multitude of fans who still watch Sanford and Son– now would have the ability to see where a comedy king laid his head.

Should Redd Foxx’s home be put up for sale and made into a museum?


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