Reports Say Jerrod Carmichael’s Taping Of New Comedy Special Fell Short


If you weren’t aware Jerrod Carmichael ended up filming his newest hour of material. Back in 2014 Jerrod teamed up with HBO to deliver his first ever comedy special Love At The Store which was directed by Spike Lee. Now with the success of his series fans are really anticipating what more he has to say. Well according to reports from our friends at Interrobang; Jerrod’s second special may have fell short to what was expected during it’s taping.

Jerrod Carmichael taped his HBO special on Friday night in New York City and there’s a lot of buzz about the special, but it’s not all good. Almost every comic gets some negative feedback after a taping, so seeing some Twitter complaints is not surprising. But when our own Monday morning columnist Jeffrey Gurian reported back that he didn’t think the special went well, that made us pay attention. He said the show got off on a bad foot when fans who were lined up around the block, had to wait in below freezing temperatures because the show started an hour late. According to Jeffrey, Jerrod’s opening act was never introduced, and read his material off a piece of paper. When Carmichael took the stage, things didn’t get much better. Jerrod’s hour was full of prolonged silences, soft-spoken material that was difficult to hear, and instances of repeating material without explanation. “He spoke at such a slow pace, laboring and deliberating over each word as if his life depended on it,” Jeffrey writes in his column that you can read tomorrow morning. According to Gurian, Carmichael went over time– even after producers told him they had enough material and eventually told him they had run out of tape. “It was probably the strangest, most unusual performance I’ve ever seen, especially for something being taped for TV.” Disappointing to hear of course. We know and love Jerrod from his hit NBC show, The Carmichael Show.

If nothing good came from this taping we’re sure a re-taping could be put together. No word on when the expected special is set to premiere.

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