Rihanna Responds To Chris Rock’s Oscar Joke About Being With Her, Sorry Chris

rihanna chris

One of the talked about moments during Chris Rock’s stop at this year’s Oscars was when joked about Jada Smith oscar invite in comparison to him being with singer Rihanna. Now report has been put out that Rihanna was flattered by the joke but agrees with Rock about their non-future together.

So, how is Rihanna feeling about the joke that left the Oscars audience in hysterics? She’s totally okay with it! “Chris’ joke was epic! She laughed her a** off at it,” a source close to the “Work” singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “But not only was it funny, it was also true. She’d never invite Chris into her kitchen like that.” Ouch, sick burn, RiRi! Hey, at least Chris knows his place, right? However, the source explained that Rihanna means “no shade” towards Chris by his lack of welcome into her pants. “She thinks he’s funny and one of the best comedians of all time, but she’s not looking to laugh in the bedroom. She’s looking to shake, rattle, and roll!”

Hollywood Life

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