The Roasting World Championship Announces Their Top 10 Roasters, We Visit Their Latest Roast Night

The Roasting World Championship recently held another night of what they have coined as ‘Verbal Combat’ in Atlanta, GA. As previously shared here at Comedy Hype, the competition is aiming to become a new platform for comedians to display their personality, whit and originality. During every battle, groups of two comedians deliver their best insults at each another in front of a live audience. Comedy Hype had the pleasure of checking out the most recent battle between Comedian Fattman Deezy & Detroit’s Sean Larkins.

For the night’s venue, The Roasting World Championship took things to the Southwest side of Atlanta at Club Deja Vu 2. One of the best things about this event is the style of comedy it brings out. This isn’t a show for the weak at heart. As you walk in to the event you feel a since of authenticity—the same feeling reminiscent of watching Comic View back in the 90’s. This wasn’t about the superficial side comedy tends to highlight; this night was simply about were you funny or not.

As the clock moved towards 10pm, the night’s comedy-goers started settling into enjoy the unfiltered roast competition. Host OD Odell took to the stage to kick off the night’s festivities. Before the main battle occurred, the show guaranteed a comedy experience by having stand-up comedian Demacko out of Ohio take the stage. After Demacko’s performance, things quickly transitioned to what we all came for, the live roast!

Before the main battle, fans were entertained by two separate battles that featured a few comedians looking to move up in the ranks of The Roasting World Championship. Judges were on hand including Comedy Hype to help figure out who the night’s winners would be. They even made sure to have an underground celebrity to enjoy the night, comedian Doo Doo Brown. The winners were chosen mainly by originality, and performance. Each winning comedian left with some prize money and overall bragging rights.

The comedian’s style showed how tough it could be to come up with jokes on the spot. Many went for the first things that came to mind. Once the early battles were out of the way, comedian Fattman Deezy and Sean Larkins took to the stage. In the spirit of a wrestling match, the two battlers came out to smoke effects and music. As the crowd settled, the match began. In the first round, Fattman quickly went to show that he came to roast, while his contender Sean took a slower approach before getting into a rhythm. By the third round, both men put their jokes to work. Assault at appearance, clothing and even some personal jokes came up. This all went down as current Roasting World Champion, Big Horne looked on.

When it was all said and done, Fattman left with the prize money and solidified his place in the league as the current and second best roaster. From the looks of it, he appeared to show more effort in each of the battles and delivered some hard-hitting jokes that broke up the crowd with laughter. The Roasting World Championship continues their journey into finding the country’s best roaster. Check out their Instagram page for updates and upcoming shows.

Here’s their current ranking for the RWC:

*World Champion Big Horne

1. Fattman Deezy
2. Comedian Tiny
3. Chris “Sett it off Jones”
4. Big Sean Larkins
5. Marco Lavell
6. Comedienne Dirty South
7. Ms. Gin
8. Ne-Nee Dodd
9. Trek Redmond
10. Hollywood Tuck

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