The Roasting World Championship League Wants To Crown The Nation’s Best Roaster

The art of roasting has been long known over the years as a worldly past time. We’ve all been familiar with those moments around the school lunch table throwing out your best insults. Roasting is now getting back into the spotlight and thanks to the efforts of the Roasting World Championship, it is returning back to the south. For the Roasting World Championship organization they are looking to help bring some new names to the spotlight all while keeping the ability to roast in the forefront. The RWC in our experience looks to be fined tuned and operated much like boxing or WWE.


The traveling roast battles will touch down in different cities with their current host comedian OD Odell as he rounds up several competitors. This is straight hand to hand combat with no chaser! All the RWC wants from their competitors is originality, enthusiasm to roast, and overall showmanship. Once the competitors are organized, then a roll out of rounds are placed with special judges in attendance. The competing comedians have an equal chance to leave home as the winner as they compete in several rounds. If competing comedians ever find their way to the very top; there exists a championship belt. The belt is currently held by Roasting World Champion comedian Big Horne in Atlanta, GA. For fans in attendance the show is filled with unexpected moments that will have you talking through the night. Wild card battles, and some of the most impressive freestyle comedy in the country.


As mentioned originality will be your best friend in this competition; so for those considering to compete for the cash prize bring your A game. As mentioned the show travels from city to city so they are looking for anyone who verbally spars. Send an email to RoastingWC@Gmail.Com with a link of at least 2 minutes of you performing along with what city your in. Also send a message directly to the organization’s Instagram page @The_RoastingWC to further introduce yourself. The competition is straight verbal combat with one winner taking all. The RWC is currently looking for talent in Sacramento, Chicago, Birmingham, Jacksonville, ST. Louis, D.C, New Jersey, and Indianapolis.


Comedians Sean Larkins and Fattman Deezy will be the headlining the upcoming roast battle, with host comedian OD Odell. Location: Club Dejavu 2 Sports Barr & Grill

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