Rodney Perry Tells Comedy Hype 10 Things To Expect When You Turn 40, New Comedy Album “44 And Still Ticking”

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As he spreads the word about his new comedy album “44 and Still Ticking”, Chicago native Rodney Perry who has been building his name most recently with ‘Off The Chain’ stand-up series on Bounce TV, and performing at Kevin Hart’s HartBeat weekend, shares with us some insight about getting older. Mr. Perry runs down his 10 things younger people can expect when they finally reach their 40’s. Check out all 10 below, #ComedyLife.

The premiere of Off The Chain Presents: Rodney Perry is currently Bounce TV’s highest rated original program in its history. Tuesday, February 3rd that comedy special became available for download on Itunes. Like the greats before him including Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Eddie Murphy, Rodney Perry joins the ranks of funnymen with albums that keep the laughs alive indefinitely. The Off The Chain Presents Rodney Perry comedy special is 60 minutes of side splitting funny, from fatherhood fodder, to big booty’s Perry unleashed the hilarious antics that occured in his life that had him laughing to keep from crying. Available on iTunes now Rodney Perry “44 and Still Ticking” is timeless humor on repeat.

10 Things To Expect When You Turn 40 by Rodney Perry

1. Grown ass kids asking you for money – Damn I thought I was done with y’all!

2. Prostate Examination – Nothing to look forward to but you gotta do it

rodney perry

3. Wife and Girlfriend meet – At some point you stop caring

4. Retire from pick-up basketball games – You will snap your achilles walking onto the court

5. Say bye to saturated fats and hello to gluten free foods – Hell I don’t even know what gluten is

6. Be more affective Sexually – Viagra is a hell of a drug

7. Expect a new sports car – You can afford it now treat yourself

8. Get a gym membership but never go to the gym – The gym people don’t even recognize me

9. Take care of your parents – The same lady that put you out will be living with you. “Mommy if you lose that key again you are going to have to wait outside til I get home.”

10. Be happy! – All the stuff that used to worry you doesn’t matter anymore

You can hear more of Rodney’s insight on life and getting older with comedy album “44 and Still Ticking”.

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