Sketch: How Is Your Diet-Relationship Going? (Love Hurts)

I have this exhausting, visceral, love/hate relationship with a certain object of affection and so I decided to write and film a comedic sketch about it. Like any relationship; it starts off great, you’re getting along and no one can do any wrong. I’m talking super fresh. Like if you forget to call your boo back but no one is jumping to conclusions, popping up over each others house, slashing tires fresh! It’s like you do what you want and everything goes smoothly. Then a year goes by or lets be real, maybe one or two months and an argument can easily spark up. The circle of life of an argument is that it repeats itself over and over again in every situation.

I didn’t mean for the relationship to turn into this, but it’s bound to happen when you’ve been in the relationship since high school, I’m talking 9th grade- beginning of high school. It’s fine when you’re young because you bounce off of your own stupidity like a trampoline when you’re young. But as you get older you might bust through that same trampoline because it is absolutely not ready for all that weight you’re toting. So this sketch is me growing out of a relationship. I need something more whole and organic. But it ain’t ready for me to leave yet! 

Love Hurts By NaTonia Monét