Spoken Reasons Compares Bill Cosby Allegations To Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston

The allegations against comedic icon Bill Cosby don’t seem to be taking a back seat. With up to 58 women claiming the comedian to have sexually assaulted them in some form or another, people have continued sharing their thoughts on the case. Spoken Reasons who normally can bee seen making jokes online, sat down for a more serious talk regarding the allegations against Cosby. Much like Eddie Griffin’s Cosby statement he to has went on to question the validity of things. In Spoken’s new video, he goes on to compare Cosby’s story to that of late entertainers Michael Jackson , and Whitney Houston.

I never seen a highly successful black entertainer die in high wealth, they got Whitney, they got Michael Jackson. I pray Denzel, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, and Oprah make it to the end without them throwing the book at them….

Just yesterday, director Judd Apatow spoke out against conspiracies on the case, claiming it was a way for people not to face the truth.


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