Steve Carrell Was The Reason Behind Deon Cole Landing On TBS’s Tribeca

deon cole

2016 is going to be a busy one for Deon Cole, as he kicked off new series Tribeca on TBS and finished up his first ever Comedy Central special. For a feature with the New York Times as fans wondered if he will return to Black-ish, Deon went on to share that his newest role came because of comedic actor Setev Carrell. Deon went on to tell NYT.

I had just finished my [canceled] show “Black Box” at TBS, and the powers at the network weren’t seeing my vision because it’s geared toward old white dudes. Then Thom Hinkle [the network’s vice president for comedy] asked me to come in for a project. I really didn’t want to, but it was Steve Carell and, man, I love Steve. So I auditioned, for a different role, and it was bad. I messed up my lines, and I called Steve’s wife “hot sauce.” But Steve liked me so much he wrote me into the show.

You can read more of his conversation here. Tribeca has been confirmed for a season 2.

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