Tony Rock Tells Comedy Hype An Inspiring Chris Rock Story

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Imagine seeing your brother reach heights most dream of right in front of your eyes. Tony Rock, host of BET’s newest series Black Card Revoked recently talked with Comedy Hype News to share a story about his older brother, Chris Rock.

The brief story would go on to mention a younger Chris professing the type of vehicle he wanted to drive, a red Corvette. Tony would share that his father would end up passing before Chris would reach his success and obtain the very car he wanted. “He (Chris) calls the house and says everyone come outside the house in 10 minutes… we all walk outside and he pulls up in a red Corvette… and we all start crying,” Tony would tell our cameras. ¬†The story serves as a reminder why we all should “Stay The Course”.

A new episode of Black Card Revoked airs tonight on BET at 10/9C. This episode will feature Angela Rye, Laz Alonso and Kev On Stage; check out an exclusive look below.

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