Tracee Ellis Ross Further Pushes Talks On Pay Gaps For Women In Hollywood

About a month ago, Tracee Ellis Ross took time away from hit show “Blackish” to speak on “Larry King Now” on Ora TV to discuss the pay gap in Hollywood. Several weeks ago Chris Rock pushed the conversation of black women in Hollywood receiving less, when he responded to actress Jennifer Lawrence. Now Tracee kept the conversation alive by pushing her talk with Larry on Instagram yesterday.

There is a pay gap, not just in Hollywood but across this country and this world. I’m grateful that the Hollywood actress scenario draws attention to a larger problem, but it is not just in the Hollywood community.

Larry King went on to asks if she personally experienced discrimination in pay. Her reply, “In pay…I’ve had moments in realizing things, yes”. If that wasn’t enough, he asks if “Blackish” male counterparts make more money than her. She says she hoped not, but doesn’t know the specifics.

By Nia Moore of HeHe Hub

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