Tracy Morgan Is Refusing To Testify About His Injuries From Walmart Accident

As shared, the insurers who had to pay for Morgan’s Walmart settlement are now wanting the case to be re-examined. According to them Morgan exaggerated some of his injuries which in result got him a large amount of money.  Tracy and his team are currently refusing to get involved with a request for a deposition.

Now Walmart’s insurers, Ohio Casualty and Liberty Insurance Underwriters, are claiming Morgan exaggerated his injuries to get the payout. They want Morgan to sit for a seven-hour deposition, but the comedian is refusing. “He was a victim once. We’re not going to allow him to be a victim again. And you have to understand that much of his injuries were emotional and psychological. He almost died,” said Benedict Morelli, Morgan’s attorney, only on “CBS This Morning.” Morelli said there is nothing relevant Morgan could say to help the insurers’ case.


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