The Trailer Of NBC’s ‘Marlon’ Captures Fatherhood Can Be Fun

As reported on August 16th, Marlon Wayans will make his debut with newest series Marlon on NBC. The trailer to the show has now arrived and immediately shows how fun Marlon has being a father. In the trailer you get a chance to see the full cast at work that includes respected actress Essence Atkins.

In the promo, obtained exclusively by TVLine, the funnyman introduces us to “Marlon,” a manic Internet sensation who maintains a beyond-close relationship with his former wife, played by Essence Atkins. In fact, if they were any closer, he’d live in her garage a la The Real O’Neals’ Pat and Eileen. Though the character’s approach to parenting suggests that maybe Father doesn’t always know best — he advises his daughter to go ghetto on schoolyard bullies and plops his son in a dumpster to earn money by scavenging bottles and cans to recycle — it’s clear that his big, immature heart is in the right place. It’s also clear that that big, immature heart still has a soft spot for his erstwhile missus.


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