Watch: Eddie Murphy’s SNL Return Falls Short, Twitter Reacts

When Saturday Night Live announced Eddie Murphy was returning after 30 years of being absent from the show, fans couldn’t help themselves by feeling an instant rush of excitement to the news.Questions began on “what will Murphy say?” and “will he return as one of his popular characters?” carried into the night of SNL 40. As past cast members brought up experiences and moments through out the show special, everyone at home wanted to know one thing, when is Murphy coming? Eddie who had a fall out with the show back in the early 90’s was returning to the place that helped introduce him to the world, anticipation was high. So the moment came, Chris Rock calmly walks out and begins his speech on Murphy’s career and impact. When Rock was done, out came Murphy. Eddie walked to the front of the stage as cheers welcomed him and begin sharing what the show meant to him. His time on stage lasted no more than 4 minutes and then it went to a commercial break. No classic one liners. No big announcement, just a simple thanks for having me. Once viewers realized that Murphy’s big return wasn’t what everyone excepted many took to Twitter and shared their disappointment.

Check out a few fan reactions below.

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