Will Ferrell And Adam McKay To Look Back At The First 10 Years Of Funny Or Die

10 years flies by fast. In 2007; Funny Or Die took over the internet by offering a series of original comedy skits with celebrities. At the time the approach was very innovative compared to online comedy back then. So in celebration; the network has now brought back two of the platforms founders; Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Will and Adam will be sitting down for an 11-episode series aimed at Funny Or Dies history. Check out introduction feature.

In 2007, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay decided to make the internet a more interesting place and Funny Or Die was born. The comedy duo are now ready to sit down and talk about their favorite moments from the last 10 years of Funny Or Die’s history. Each week, we will bring you a new installment of Will and Adam’s memories of the moments that made Funny Or Die great, beginning with the video that started it all, The Landlord.

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