Comedians React To Same-Sex Marriage Becoming Legal Nationwide


Over the years due to a series of events, The LGBT community and comedians have found themselves at odds when it comes down to what is acceptable to say. With comedy being an art form that is all about freedom of speech it has had it’s moments when some from the LGBT community have challenged certain jokes. From Jamie Foxx ( photoed above) to Tracy Morgan,  jokes on the gay community have been considered to be controversial. Well today one of the biggest highlights happened for the The LGBT community, the Supreme Court has decided that same-sex marriage shall be legal across the United States. As news continues to spread, people have took to their social networks to share their reaction. A few comedians also have joined in to react to the recent news. Take a look at what they had to say, which many shared a message of support.


Does this recent step toward equality translate to more jokes in the future?

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