25 Years Later: Martin Lawrence Says A ‘Martin’ Reunion Will Not Happen

Over the weekend Martin the series turned 25 years old. You would think we would be able to see some of the show’s stars back together again to celebrate the shows mark in history. Unfortunately with the passing of Tommy Ford it just wouldn’t feel the same according to Martin Lawrence. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lawrence went on to share why we more than likely won’t see the cast back together for a reunion.

Despite that rocky ending, comedies such as Roseanne and Will & Grace are being revived and Lawrence himself believes his “legendary” series “would still hold its own” if it aired today. It’s easy to wonder if a possible comeback could in fact be in the cards for Martin, but the actor, who returned to TV for 2014’s short-lived FX comedy Partners, is definitively ruling it out. “No, I think we’ve done everything we had to do,” he admits. “We had a loss with Tommy Ford. And it wouldn’t be the same, so that would never happen.”

In other news, Martin appears to be doing fine. Hope we see something from him before the year is out.

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