3 Reasons Why Key & Peele Is Ending, According To Keegan-Michael Key

key and peele

As confirmed Key And Peele on Comedy Central will come to an end. Star of the series, Keegan-Michael Key in an interview with Deadline went on to share the three biggest reasons why the sketch show was ending after it’s 5th season. He explained time, over work, and the shows theme becoming repetitive as the main factors. Here’s what he had to say.

There are three big reasons: One is the amount of time and effort we need to put into the show to make it what we want it to be—very, very time consuming. It takes about 10-and-a-half months to make the show from the first writing to the last day of blocking the last episode. As other things have started to come up that we have a desire to do, both together as Key & Peele and alone, this was really digging into that time. Just professionally, things have been growing and burgeoning. It felt like we knew we were kind of moving toward the end anyway.

Number two, everything’s challenging in our industry. Sketch is its own challenge and it’s a grind, it’s a real grind. Now, I’ve never experienced a network show where they do over 20 episodes a season, so I imagine that must be extraordinarily stressful. But for my personal well-being and sanity, we needed to take a break from this particular format. That’s me. I can’t speak for Jordan.

Thirdly, the big thing for me, for lack of a better word, is I’m a big classicist—that’s classicist, not classist. (Laughs.) I’m a firm believer in the idea that there are a limited amount of human stories that we tell—there’s about seven of them—and of course there’s variations on those stories, and they can take place in infinite places. But because our show isn’t topical, by it’s own nature it can’t be topical, we’ve always had to write sketches about big themes, or things we’ve seen in the zeitgeist. Because we’re using those big seven themes and trying to find good twists on them, my fear is that in a sixth or seventh or eighth season we would really just be repeating ourselves.

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