The 5 Best Guest Stars On ‘Everybody Hates Chris’

It’s no secret that Everybody Hates Chris is one of the best sitcoms of the last decade. Thanks to the syndication gods you can catch the magic that Chris Rock and Ali LeRoi gave us nearly every day. Besides the fantastic wit and hilarious narration of the show, what makes EHC special is its cast and guest stars. The show uniquely uses guest stars as a homage to black TV legends of the 70s and 80s, borrowing stars of A Different World, 227, Starsky and Hutch, Different Strokes, and Good Times. Breaking it down, here are the five best guest stars of Everybody Hates Chris

  1. Kadeem Hardison: Fellow Brooklyn boy and Dwayne Wayne shined as a judge targeting Rochelle in two different episodes. A clever caricature of the middle class (especially the Hansel and Gretel episode that he later guest starred in)

2. Tisha Campbell: Reuniting Gina and Pam for the first time in over s decade, it was nice to see roles reversed and have Campbell play Peaches, the obnoxious ex con mother of Tasha and friend to Rochelle. Campbell has incredible comedic timing and has great in screen chemistry with tichina Arnold.

3. Earthquake: a departure from sitcom stars, I’m guessing this is Chris Rock’s attempt at supporting the most known unknown urban circuit comedians of all time. Earthquake may not have a movie franchise or tv show to showcase his talents, but after his episodes as freeloading loser Uncle Mike it’s clear that he deserves it.

4. Loretta Devine: I’ve long admired Loretta Devine’s ability to showcase her range as an actress. Her role as Rochelle’s ghetto snob mother was priceless. Her shade so thorough that even the razor tounged Rochelle isn’t able to keep up.

Photo: Scott Humbert/The CW

5. Antonio Fargas: the old head with infinite wisdom, Doc was Chris’ sage, guiding him through everything from girls to respect. Antonio Fargas’ working class wisdom is a great compliment for the show.

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