50 Cent Furthers Interest In Comedy With SPY, Are Rappers Wanting To Be Comedians?

50 cent

We all heard the saying, rappers want to be basketball players, and the basketball players want to be rappers. Now in 2015 things look to be different as rappers continue showing their interest in making people laugh. 50 Cent (above with Dave Chappelle at SNL40) in particular recently joined the cast of upcoming movie SPY, and it looks that he will be furthering his interest in comedy. Known for being one of Hip-Hops funniest rappers, thanks to Instagram, 50 has been making people laugh for quite some time. In May of 2014, back when he and boxer Floyd Mayweter were at odds, instead of threatening Floyd in a diss track, 50 fired up a series of Mayweather jokes. On his Instagram page, the rapper treated fans to his comical side as he took shots at the boxer’s relationship troubles, and alleged reading problem. The comedy skits were well received, and even had a few comedians laughing.

Last month while talking to HitFix about SPY, 50 spoke on his ability to do comedy.

“Even when you are the most serious person in the world…. you have those moments like everyone else. Look at Mike Tyson he became really funny after his career was over. But when you would see him it was always in war mode.”

Outside of 50, there have been other rappers getting noticed for their jokes. This year alone has been a big year for rapper Plies, and not because of his music but because of his comedy. Using the same platform like 50, the Florida emcee has gained a following and a new popularity for his comical perspective. We’ve even seen rappers such as Big Sean, P. Diddy, and Rick Ross partner up with Funny Or Die in a variety of comedy sketches. Who knows if this is just a trend for rappers to test out their humor but it is beginning to get noticed. When SPY hits theaters June 5th fans will catch more of 50’s less serious side as he plays himself in the comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, and Jason Statham. Guess it’s safe to say that rappers want to be basketball players comedians?

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