$60 Million Lawsuit Against Kevin Hart Dismissed

Kevin Hart has one less thing to worry about as judge has now dismissed a previous lawsuit against Hart involving his infamous sex tape. Before this latest ruling, Montia Sabbag (who was identified to be in the tape with Hart) sued Hart over the matter and accused him purporsely leaking the tape as a promotional tool.

The Blast first eported on Tuesday that a California judge has ordered “all claims’ against Hart in the suit filed by Montia Sabbag to be dismissed, arguing that the suit was “brought in the wrong venue.” Sabbag had refiled in California court after a judge previously dismissed the case—also involving Hart’s former friend Jonathan Todd Jackson, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and the website Fameoulous—without prejudice last year.

“MS. SABBAG had no knowledge that the intimate activity depicted in the VIDEO was being recorded,” Sabbag’s legal team argued in the original complaint, as cited in Tuesday’s report. “To the contrary, MS. SABBAG believed that such activity was completely private, and she had a reasonable expectation of her privacy in HART’S private bedroom suite at the COSMOPOLITAN, and she reasonably believed that her privacy was safe and protected at all relevant times.” Sabbag had also alleged that Hart and Jackson “conspired in leaking the tape” as a promotional stunt for a Hart. Hart, meanwhile, had long argued that Sabbag had never properly served him with related legal documents, stating in a motion that a server had simply tossed a set of papers “out of a car window” and into the view of one of his security guards outside his house. A California judge has now ordered the dismissal of the suit without prejudice, as confirmed by Complex in court documents dated May 1.


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