7 ½ Hilarious FIFA World Cup Moments

Sports offers one of the best environments for pure comedy potential because of the seriousness of competing at a high level. Few sports tournaments feature the gravity of the World Cup, which captures the souls of billions of fans around the globe.

Discipline and predictability tend to be the hallmark of successful international teams, including France and Croatia, who will meet at the FIFA World Cup 2018 final. When strange and unexpected events occur on pitch, the spectacle transforms from serious to hilarious in the blink of an eye.

1. Mutant Grasshopper Celebrates Rodriguez Goal

The mysteries of the Amazon include biodiversity which inspires horror. During Columbia’s 2014 quarterfinals loss against Brazil, James Rodriguez netted a consolation goal which angered a giant, neon-green, multi-legged creature that anchored on Rodriguez arm.

As Rodriguez celebrated his goal, he kissed his wrist and waved his fist, bringing the massive locust life form close to his face. Instead of creating an unforgettable scene by attacking the Columbian striker, the locust seemed content to bask in a rare moment of peace between biblical enemies.

Full credit to James, who didn’t seem to notice the abomination as he sprinted towards mid-field, concerned about the waning moments of a losing cause.

2. English World Cup Haircuts

Perhaps the most vital metagame of World Cup competition, players participating in the tournament prepare for battle by upping their hair game. Superstars like Neymar indicate their on-field prowess through complicated locks of intricate design. Marouane Fellaini rocks the finest Morocco-fro for the Belgium side, which helps to disguise the direction of his headers.

A tradition of hilarious English World Cup coifs started with Bobby Charlton, one of the finest footballers in English history. Blessed with a strong hairline in youth, Charlton aged remarkably fast for an elite athlete. Instead of acceptance, Bobby opted to go with a Trump-level combover which defied the laws of physics and aesthetics. Charlton’s combover was so aggressive that the opposition simply couldn’t handle the English club, causing the world to lose the World Cup in 1966.

Chris Waddle attempted to out-hair the field during the 1990 World cup, rocking a wind-swept, frosted-tip mullet which formed a second collar over his jersey. Despite this masculine mane, Waddle’s mullet failed terribly, missing a key penalty kick against the West Germans.

3. Neymar Rolls Dank New Memes

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior operates under a different ruleset that most players on the pitch, mostly because he’s The Chosen One for Brazilian football. Brazil’s top leagues call the game much tighter than other associations, and some referees don’t bother calling a foul if you don’t protest.

The level of Neymar’s histrionics reached a new level during the 2018 World Cup. After a rough but relatively tame tackle, Neymar hit the dirt and rolled… and then he kept on rolling, violently tossing his body across the grass with more force than he initially landed.

Meme makers were mesmerized, transforming Neymar’s roll into a perfect social media moment. Enjoy:

4. Zaire Misinterprets Meaning Of Free Kick

Playing against Brazil represents a frustrating challenge unless you’re the German squad that defeated them 7-1 on their own home field in 2014. Zaire ceded a free kick against the 1974 Brazilian club, assuring the referee that they’ll be on their best behavior. Moments later, one of

Zaire’s defenders improvised an unprecedented solution – run at the ball while no one’s paying attention and kick it as hard as possible.

The referee wasn’t impressed, unleashing the yellow card against the brave baller from Zaire.

5. Referee Executes Excellent Dummy Handshake

Few moments introduce an element of awkwardness like a missed or refused handshake, considered one of the most embarrassing social transgressions. The worst case scenario tends to involve a pre-planned handshake left hanging, which requires deft reflexes to cover as quickly as possible.

Note how the linesman shows no hesitation transitioning between attempted handshake and the smoothing of his dome. Only the Spanish goaltender Casillas witnesses the remarkable save, which eventually translates into a successful handshake later on. The nameless lineman and Casillas share a laugh together, before the Spanish goaltender resumes his life of fame and fortune.

6. I Will Faint If Someone Catches Me

Teamwork makes the World Cup dream work, which is why Argentina hasn’t conquered the World Cup since the days of Maradonna, who single-handedly won the 1986 championship. Witness Alejandro Sabella, who probably didn’t experience an actual loss of blood pressure to the brain.

After experiencing a tense moment against team Belgium during Argentina’s run to the 2014 World Cup final, coach Sabella leaned way back, pretending to faint. As his center of balance becomes more off-kilter, he realized that gravity exists, scrambling to save himself. His assistants fail the trust game, nearly allowing their boss to strike the turf.

7. Diana Ross Spoils Ending Of 1994 World Cup

Did you know that Diana Ross knew exactly how the 1994 World Cup would finish? Her opening performance included a stylized penalty kick from about five or six feet away from the net. Somehow, she managed to completely miss the net, sending the ball flying wide left.

Amusingly, this set piece was designed to make the ball split the goal in half because of Diana’s penalty kick. Instead, the visual effect was tragically lost, just like Roberto Baggio ending the World Cup by blasting a penalty kick far above the crossbar.