7 Reasons To Watch Donald Glover On ‘Saturday Night Live’

On May 5th, we are set to see Donald Glover host ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the very first time. The upcoming episode works perfectly with Glover’s schedule as the newest season of ‘Atlanta FX’ pushes ahead and ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ gets ready for it’s release. If you’re still not convinced on why you should tune in to Glover’s night on SNL, we came up with 7 reasons why. Why 7 reasons? Well with ‘7’ being considered a lucky number like in casinos or Bitcoin Bonus Codes, it’s our way to point out how lucky we are to see this night happen. Check out our reasons, below. 

#1. He’s Unpredictable

Donald Glover has personality and personalities. Not schizophrenic like James McAvoy’s character in the 2017 hit movie Split but Donald Glover’s acting resume is diverse. He played a variety of roles from the hyper active, cooky and crazy Troy Barnes in the TV series Community to the struggling rap manager in FX’s Atlanta. 

There’s no telling which versions of Donald Glover we will get to see or what he will bring to the stage. We do predict him being 4 days overdue for a haircut though.

#2. Teasers

A lot of guest use SNL as a platform to announce things. Though we cannot guarantee Glover will make any announcements, we may get a look into his new role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movie … or, further insight into the new Lion King movie he’s attached to.

#3. He Has A Message

All praise to DG for bringing us the song “Stay Woke.” The lyrics may not be as direct as J. Cole’s on his ‘K.O.D.’ album but we got the message. Glover expresses his level of conscious throughout the FX hit series ‘Atlanta’ on a weekly basis. Glover and his staff of writers directly and indirectly address racial, cultural and socio-economic issues affecting us today. We predict that his writing genius and consciousness will be applied during his night on SNL.

#4. He Shows Love

Donald Glover isn’t much of a tabloid celebrity. He stays out of controversy, isn’t caught out often and keeps a private life. That’s not to say he’s not well connected with celebrities that are quite the opposite. Remember, rap group the Migos was in an episode of ‘Atlanta FX’ and the entire trio got a shout-out during Glover’s Emmy award winning acceptance speech? Recently, Drake even shouted out Glover after watching an ‘Atlanta FX’ episode based on him.

We definitely would like to know who’s currently on Glover’s radar. Whether they’re well known or relatively unknown, we believe Glover will share his platform to show love to someone noteworthy.

#5. SNL Feels More Relatable With Black Host

We don’t need to share the stats to prove it. Simply put, “Facts”. It’s refreshing to see certain topics in pop-culture be made fun of that we feel closely connected to. 

#6. Rare Night For SNL

Witness a rare moment in SNL history. We get to see a writer, director, rapper, producer and actor to host the show and then give us a musical performance!? Donald Glover is not the first person to host and musically perform but is one of the few.  And we bet he will take advantage of this opportunity to debut new music… You think he’s going to perform some old classics?

#7. We Don’t Know The Next Time We’ll See Glover

For those who keep up with Glover, you would know that he keeps a very low-profile. He’s known for not doing so many television appearances especially of this magnitude.

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