7 Women Of Color You Should Look Out For In Comedy

In the last few years we’ve seen much more women of color on comedy platforms. Tiffany Haddish, Nicole Byers, Robin Thede, and 2 Dope Queens are some great examples.  But in comparison to their counterparts, the odds of a black woman landing a lead role in Hollywood is like winning Highroller bonus code. Despite the new opportunities, there are still a great deal of women of color who have yet to be pushed to the forefront. We decided to use our platform to highlight 7 (technically 8) women in comedy you should be looking out for.

1. Sam Jay

Now you might not know the name but comedian Sam Jay’s story is one to be inspired by. We’ve been fortunate enough to watch Sam’s rise in comedy ever sine we first talked about her a few years back. At the time, Sam was on the usual route of comedy; from local shows  to traveling gig to gig. It was in 2017, that Sam would land her ultimate big break by becoming a writer over at SNL. So far she’s tapped with both Comedy Central and Netflix for specials and we’re certain that it’s just the beginning.

2. Zainab Johnson

Photo: JimLeePix

Zainab Johnson has put in some serious work over the years. If you can recall she once starred in her own web series, called ‘Cocktail Confessions’. In the series we were able to see more of the New York born comedian ’s acting side. When it comes to the stage, Johnson is sharp and show’s a seriousness for the craft. It’s only a matter of time that the right opportunity will align with Johnson’s distinct delivery to be introduced to the masses.

3. Just Nesh

Photo: Comedy Central

Chicago’s Just Nesh is having a good year. We first talked with Nesh back in 2014 as winner of our ‘Comedy Owns The Night Challenge’. Nash would end up telling us about her story and being from the city of Chicago. After our talk, Nesh would then begin hitting the road with Dick Gregory for several tour stops. You can only imagine the wealth of insight she would gain from the legendary comedian before his passing. Back in 2017, Nesh filmed her first ever comedy special apart of Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central series, Next Level. Now in 2018, Nesh’s momentum has continued.

4. Sydnee Washington & Marie Faustin Of ‘The Unofficial Expert’

Photo: Jenni Walkowiak

Despite being individual comedians, New York’s Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin have built a brand based around their friendship and good times. Collectively they are known as ’S&M’ and ‘The Unofficial Experts’ for those who are familiar with their weekly podcast. 2018 looks to be a year of growth for the ladies as they’ve been adding to their credits. Last year we would see them on both MTV and VH1. If you need two new best friends in your life, look no further.

5. Yamaneika Saunders

Photo: Instagram/Yamaneika

Pretty soon you will be seeing a lot more of Yamaneika Saunders on your TV screen. The New York based comedian has been making all the right moves. Most recently we’ve seen Saunders in her first ever Comedy Central special, and she’s even found herself as a regular feature spot as a The Tonight Show correspondent. Saunders’s conversational style on stage makes her that much more rememberable.   

6. Marcella Arguello

Photo: Kim Newmoney

Marcella Arguello’s time is coming. The LA based comedian has been quietly building up a fan base on her own. Most notably, Arguello is quiet a recognized figure on Twitter as she consistently shares her views minute by minute on any topic. As someone who has been featured on several platforms and outlets, we truly think that once the right opportunity presents itself, Arguello’s voice will be heard by many more people.

7. Gin Thomas 

Photo: Lisa Bower

By way of Duval, Florida; Gin Thomas is the real deal. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy some of Gin’s comedy in person as she has featured on Comedy Hype’s Roast Car series. This year, Gin would catch her biggest career break by joining Katt Williams’s ’11:11 World Tour’ to travel across the country. When it comes to having a rawness on stage that we’ve seen in the past, Gin finds herself right at home. It’s only a matter of time that Thomas will start hitting our TV screens next.

There’s many more women in comedy that you should know and these are just a few. Continue following Comedy Hype as we work to bringing more to the forefront daily.