80’s Comedy ‘Hollywood Shuffle’ Is Being Remade By U.K. Artist Dean Blunt

dean blunt

By Dan Soff, UK

English musician is in L.A. recreating 1987’s classic movie “Hollywood Shuffle”.  The film, celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, was produced, directed, and co-written by Robert Townsend. In an interview with NPR, Blunt stated:

I’m doing a re-make of Hollywood Shuffle. I’m making it myself, so I’m out here.” Blunt explains, “Hollywood Shuffle is an old film they made. I think it’s an 80’s film. I don’t know who it’s by… It’s like one of the first satirical movies I’ve seen. Black satirical comedies.” “And it’s when Eddie Myrphy was a stereotype actor for black acting in America. And this film is a parody of that. Everyone is cast as Eddie Murphy. It’s a pretty funny film.” “I can’t afford the original actors, so I’ve found lookalikes of each. And yeah it costs just enough.”

The original Hollywood Shuffle casts features comedy greats such as John Witherspoon and Paul Mooney. Blunt’s struggle to finance the remake is reminiscent of Robert Townsend’s struggle to find the original. Townsend self-financed the project with his own credit cards on a budget of $100,000. The film co-written by Keenan Ivory Wayans went on to gross over $5 million, becoming a box office smash and winning the 1987 Deauville Film Festival’s ‘Grand Special Prize’ critics award.

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