A ‘Girlfriends Movie’ Script Exist, Creator Just Needs Major Studio Money

Photo: BET

‘Girlfriends’ creator Mara Brock Akil is currently making the rounds promoting her newest series on ‘OWN’ called ‘Love Is___’. The project highlights parts of Akil’s actual love life with husband, director Salim Akil. if you didn’t know, one of Mara’s most notable works is the ‘Girlfriends’ series. As you can recall, some time ago it was reported that there were talks of ‘Girlfriends’ hitting theaters as a movie and the main cast reportedly is all on board to return. Now in a new talk with Vulture, Akil further confirmed that the Girlfriends movie is a real thing but shared that no major studio has stepped up to get it done yet. Check out an excerpt of their talk, below.

VULTURE: The Girlfriends hive would be mad if I didn’t ask: Is there any chance of a reboot or movie?

Yeah, you can tell any studio in town: If they got 50 to 60 million, I already have the script. We can make an epic story and we can make a lot of money, but me hustling and knocking on doors begging to do this story is not where it is anymore. It deserves somebody to see the value in it and write that check. That’s what it’s about. People often think I have the power. Well, I have a lot of creative input, I know the vision of it, but I need the money. That’s what this industry is all about — supporting artists and supporting storytellers and hearing the audience for what they want and need. There still is a lack of value for what black women want, yet we have proven to be one of the strongest consumers in the marketplace. Yet we still are undervalued about what we want and need So, yeah, I have a script. It’ll be great. But I can’t keep worrying about that and hustling that because I wouldn’t have come up with Nuri and Yasir. I wouldn’t have helped launch Black Lightning. I have a lot more stories in me. Begging someone to see the value of Girlfriends, I can’t do it anymore.


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