A Wayans Family Reality Show Will Never Happen According To Shawn Wayans

shawn wayans

Reality shows are big these days. 24-hour glimpses of people’s lives has become some of the most talked about entertainment. For comedy fans who ever wondered if the Wayans family would ever consider doing a reality show, the answer is most likely no. As exciting as it sounds, a behind the scenes look at the comedy family’s life is something Shawn Wayans doesn’t think needs to be seen. During a recent interview with Canada’s 92 CITI FM, Shawn was asked if fans could expect a Wayans family reality show, which he went on to suggest no.

“Thats never going down in the Wayans. I appreciate it… but thats just not our style, thats just not what we do…… I feel like part of our society is going crazy…this is life, you only get one, you can’t turn your life into a show.”

Shawn’s thoughts comes weeks after the announcement of two reality projects with comedians being in the works.

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