Academy President Hints That Chris Rock Will Speak On ‘White Oscars’

chris rocks

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cheryl Boone Isaacs took time out for a special conversation to speak on the coverage surrounding this year’s Oscars controversy. She then went on to discuss Chris Rock’s involvement hosting the night, and re-assured that Rock will most likely touch on the topic.  Here’s what she went on to say when asked, if Chris Rock will go there?

Well, we’ve always known he was gonna go there, right? This is Chris. We know who he is. He is a brilliant, brilliant, observant comedian and performer, and he is a brilliant host. And yes, we want him to, obviously, because way before this, our selection of Chris was to bring some edge and some fun and some funny —intelligent funny — to the telecast. So we know he’s going to do that.


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