Affion Crockett Talks Quality & Oversaturation In Online Comedy

affion crockett

Not one to hold his tongue on certain matters, Affion Crockett sat down with the guys of The Champs Podcast for an interview. During his talk with Moshe Kasher, and Neal Brennan, Crockett commented on the state of online content. Affion, who has over the years been known as a top online comedy creator shared how he hasn’t been too excited about today’s quality of work. (at 39:00 mark) “I think there’s an oversaturation of bullsh*t, to the point that these kids don’t know the difference between greatness and something on my screen,” Crockett explained. Moving away from online content he also discussed his previous show ‘In The Flow’ on Fox and why it didn’t work out. Currently Affion announced his return back into stand-up comedy. Check out the full interview below.

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