Album Premiere: ‘Frangela’ Speaks On Owning What They Say, & Listen To A Track From New Album ‘RESIST!’

“We try to own everything we say…. I think that’s why people love us,” were the words expressed by Frances Callier, one half of comedy duo ‘Frangela’ that also includes Angela V. Shelton. The two women recently spoke with Comedy Hype’s Nika Simone for a very candid conversation. In this era of the #MeToo movement and spotlight on women’s equality, ‘Frangela’ doesn’t shy away from standing at the forefront of the conversation. In fact, the two women currently star on their own series ‘Me Time With Frangela’ which gives them an extended platform to dive into pretty much anything taking place.

Today, the comedy veterans have released their latest album, ‘RESIST!’ with indie record label Kill Rock Stars to take on a number of such topics. CH was able to get an exclusive premiere of a track from the women’s new album. For the bit entitled ‘Pop Up Protest‘, ‘Frangela’ teaches the audience how they can conveniently protest when needed. Check it out, below.

Now while speaking with Simone, the women would express filming their ‘Me Time’ series and not backpedaling on things they say. Comedians like Kathy Griffin and Tracy Morgan have found themselves in hot water in recent years which has raised the question, “Should a comedian apologize?”

During a piece of our conversation with ‘Frangela’, Angela would specifically share the one time she regretted saying a joke after using the word ‘retarded’ right around the time people were deciding that the word was offensive. “I said “tard” and it still haunts me…. it was like 15 years ago… but in general, we try not to say things that we feel we can’t defend…,” she would tell our camera.

Watch our talk with Frangela above, along with other topics on CH’s YouTube channel.

‘RESIST!’ is available everywhere and for more information on the duo’s latest you can check out their site.

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