Alfonso Ribeiro Says ‘Fresh Prince’ Reboot Will Hurt Show’s Legacy, Listen

alfonso will smith

Days following Andy Borowitz’s thoughts on talks of Fresh Prince coming back to TV as a reboot, star of the show Alfonso Ribeiro who played Carlton recently chimed in. In an interview with SiriusXM’s Sam Robert’s Show, Alfonso shared why he’s hesitant on supporting the reboot.

So why do bad versions of the same story that we did well before, we’re going to hurt that legacy….the legacy of that is special to all of us…..the last thing I want to do is have someone tarnish that using that name…unless it’s better don’t do it

From previous reports, the current Will Smith project is suppose to have a similar feel to the 90’s sitcom (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air). Hear what Alfonso had to say below.

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