Amanda Seales Gets In ‘Rape Comment’ Debate With Another Female Comic, Sparked By Bill Cosby

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This story hits close to home as it has been gaining attention on our Instagram page. Last night, as the Met Gala was taking place, we shared an old picture of a suited Bill Cosby with wife Camile. Of course with the recent allegations, Cosby has his supporters and non-supporters. Instagram user @itsIzzyizz left a very blunt comment, showing her feelings towards Cosby as she stated, “BOO THIS MAN.” Following her comment, comedian Carmen Barton (@CarmenComedy) of Ferguson, MO didn’t appreciate the comment and went on to reply to @itsIzzyizz. The two then continued a series of responses but things took a sharp turn when Carmen hoped for @ItsIzzyIzz to get raped . The rape comment caught fellow comedian Amanda Seales’s (pictured above) attention which she and Carmen then began exchanging words. Check out a play by play below, starting off when Carmen first responded to @ItsIzzyIzz.

“Whatever! Powerful white men been dope’n b*tches for years get over it. Them hoes knew what was up.” – @CarmenComedy
“Wow…Powerful Black, White, Latino, Asian whatever. It’s never okay to dope anyone, man, or woman. Even if “them hoes knew what was up.” Does that make it okay to rape someone? – @itsIzzyizz

Things then got even more heated as Carmen responded.

“Rape? Did you see them hoes get raped 30 years ago??…You are commenting on an urban comedy page as they attempt to pay homage to an urban comedy legend….. I never see b*tches like you booing white, latino, asian or whatever. You always come put your two cents on some black sh*t. Im sure whoever is f*cking you is on dope so boo them. I hope you get raped. You look like you need it. Wait 20 years, then complain about it so I can boo you. You disrespectful b*tch.” – @CarmenComedy

After the response, fellow comedian Amanda Seales jumped in and suggested Carmen went too far which the two exchanged words.

“Yikes. Not ok.” – @AmandaSeales
“It is ok. It is acceptable. It’s social media. Get tough skin or get off. Or boo your won people or keep your opinion to yourself.” – @CarmenComedy
“It a’int got shit to do with having tough skin. It is not ok anywhere, to tell someone they should be raped. Not on social media, not in their face, not on stage, nowhere. You’re bugging actually, sitting here defending that. Nah sis. As a fellow comic I wish you the best, but you a’int going to get it putting that energy out there.” – @AmandaSeales
“Are you serious? Do you not understand that I can say whatever I want to say?? Saying I hope you get raped and this bitch saying boo is the same thing, it’s the fucking Internet but it’s common to run to the rescue of a lil b*tch who got her feelings hurt and tell me I’m wrong. Half the shit on the Internet is wrong, get over it, if your feelings get hurt easy …then get the fuck off the internet and take your ass to bingo. You don’t have to wish me the best babe. The fact that you are taking out time to argue with me on social media is impressive enough. You ain’t the first person to tell me I’m not going to get the best and you won’t be the last. Join the club of people I prove wrong every time I step on stage. I have talent! I don’t need a cheerleading squad….”Sis”. – @CarmenComedy

Seales later added one more comment on the matter via Twitter:


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  1. Wow the one comedian really went too in lmao

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