Amanda Seales Just Dropped A Serious Gem About ATTENTION VS AFFECTION, For Harper’s Bazaar

When Amanda Seales isn’t playing Tiffany on HBO’s Insecure, you probably can find her online taking on different topics. For a recent Harper’s Bazaar exclusive, Seales continued with her new series Gem Droppin’ and delivered the full breakdown of why you can’t confuse attention for affection. Now this may mess up a few lazy daters or encourage some to step it up, either way Dr. Seales is giving us more medicine of truth.

Now, the actress/comedian has created Gem Droppin’, a new weekly show where she breaks down important distinctions between fact and faction. She continues to share her witty common sense commentary—from uncomfortable politics, to rationale in relationships. Agree or disagree, Amanda keeps everyone laughing and learning while keeping it real, and she’s giving Bazaar an exclusive first look.


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