Amanda Seales Makes Return To TV For TruTV’s ‘Greatest Ever’ Series, Tonight

amanda seales
Tonight  (July 5th.) stand-up comedian Amanda Seales will be returning to TV for one of her biggest roles to date, her own show! The New York creative who now calls California home has found herself teaming up with TruTV as the network continues expands its comedy content. For her new series ‘Greatest Ever’, Seales will get back familiar with giving her raw thoughts and opinions on all things happening in pop culture. Previously,  she got our attention with her series Get Your Life, comedy showcase Smart Funny And Black, and VH1’s Best Ever Week.

Hosted by comedian Amanda Seales, Greatest Ever is a fast-paced, informative and fun pop-culture comedy countdown show that takes viewers through the “do’s” and “don’ts” of topics like weddings, animal videos, sports, politicians and awesomely, unintentionally funny inventions, infomercials and products. truTV has ordered six half-hour episodes of Greatest Ever, which is produced by Meetinghouse Productions.


Be sure to stay tune to an upcoming interview with Seales as she share some of her career highlight including tonight’s premiere of Greatest Ever at 10/9C, moving to Los Angeles, dating, and goals in comedy.