America’s First Comedy Museum Set To Open In New York, Reportedly Cost $50 Million

On August 1st, comedy lovers will now have a place to visit, to learn about the history of comedy and the art form. At the now revealed ‘National Comedy Center’ in Jamestown, New York we will be able to see 50 exhibits showcasing the diversity of comedy. According to VICE, the museum will offer an interactive experience all the way to the latest comedic memes being shared on social media. The National Comedy Center has released a video presentation to discuss it’s mission for the comedy community. It reportedly cost $50 Million for the center to come to life.

According to the National Comedy Center’s “About” page, it will include “50 immersive exhibits,” which take you “on an interactive journey through comedy history, from early vaudeville acts to the latest viral memes.” It reportedly cost $50 million to construct, with millions from state and federal funding as well as private donations. (Chuck Schumer, a New York senator and cousin of the comedian Amy Schumer, was a big proponent of the project.) In an introductory video on the center’s website, famous comedians and the daughters of famous dead comedians discuss its importance—and why comedy should be taken seriously.

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