Amy Schumer Called Out For Stealing Patrice O’neal Jokes, Video Surfaces

patrice oneal amy schumer

Patrice O’neal jokes are no stranger to being borrowed from time to time, especially since his passing in 2011. Following the recent premiere of her newest comedy special, Amy Schumer has now been accused of stealing material from Patrice. Towards the ending of Amy Schumer Live At The Appollo, her closing joke sounded familiar to some in which they quickly compared it to a series of jokes from O’Neal back in 2006/2007. One fan in particular dug up some footage of O’neal at Just For Laughs and mashed his performance with Amy, causing more questions. Is this just a coincidence? Did she think we wouldn’t catch that?

The joke at hand sounds very similar as they both refer to different sexual activities, but use slightly different names to describe each position. Amy has yet to respond to the accusations at hand.

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