An ‘All That’ Reboot Could Be In Works, Nickelodeon Executive Hints

At the top of the month, Nickelodeon’s newest lead executive Brian Robbins took some time out to speak with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ about his new position. The Hollywood playmaker has been around the industry for years and is now ready to bring some great programming to the network. Robbins would end up revealing to THR that his former show of ‘All That’ shouldn’t have ever been canceled from TV as he would go on to compare it to a younger SNL. As he talk would come to a close, Robbins has now hinted that there’s a possibility we could see and ‘All That’ reboot.

THR: You started your career at Nickelodeon. Are there any projects that you would like to see rebooted?

I was actually at Saturday Night Live this weekend in New York with Kenan Thompson, who grew up on All That and Kenan & Kel. It was my first time seeing him on the show and I really wanted to cry. I was so proud. I’ve known the kid since he’s 14 years old. All That ran for 10 years. I would’ve never, ever, ever canceled the show. It should’ve been [Nickelodeon’s] Saturday Night Live. All That was a very sophisticated show. Young humor, but the level of comedy on that show was sophisticated.

THR: You could bring it back now.

Don’t be surprised. Don’t be surprised.

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