Andrew Schulz Drops Off ‘4:4:1’ Project, Highlights NYC Comedy Scene

You may have heard that New York City is one of if not thee stand-up comedy mecca. The city offers tons of places for comedians to try new material. Will on a recent night, Andrew Schulz hit up for of those places to deliver his ‘comedy experience’ also known as 4:4:1. The title is a breakdown of the project focusing on Schulz 1 night run at 4 different comedy spots.

Excerpt about the short:

New York is the number 1 comedy city in the United States. Andrew Schulz is going to show you what it is like to be a working stand up comedian in this great city. But he doesn’t want to just show you what it means to be the funniest in the heart of comedy, he wants you to experience it. Join him in 4 clubs, 4 sets, 1 night. 4:4:1 – A Comedy Experience by Andrew Schulz.

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