Anthony Anderson Reveals Season 2 Of Black-Ish Will Cover The N-Word And Gun Control

anthony anderson

September 23 is when Anthony Anderson and cast of Blackish make their return to ABC for a second season. Like their first season, they tend to address a few topical things. In an interview with ET, Anthony shared that for two of the upcoming episodes the show will discuss The N-word and gun control. In the same interview he followed with an explanantion why the series will continue covering such issues.

What can you spill about season two? Tell us everything!

AA: Well, I don’t know everything, but in the two episodes that I know about so far, the one we’re shooting right now is about gun control, and our next one that we’re filming will be about the n-word. So two controversial subject matters that we’re going to deal with.

Why is it important for you to have such a huge platform like black-ish to be able to speak out on controversial issues?

AA: We speak for the people, and that’s people across the country, and we pride ourselves on being timely and topical about the issues that we tackle and deal with. But we don’t want to hit anyone over the head with the message. We are a comedy, but we also recognize that we have a platform to say certain things, and it’s always better to say that with a teaspoon of sugar than a teaspoon of salt. So we’ll deal with some heavy issues in a comedic way and get our message across.

New season of Blackish begins Wednesday, Sept 23 at 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

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