Ardie Fuqua Is Working On New Show For Comedians Who Do ‘Crowdwork’

ardie fuqua

It’s been over a year since Ardie Fuqua escaped an unfortunate situation when his van crashed with Tracy Morgan in tow; killing fellow comedian Jimmy Mac. Now that he’s back on stage, Ardie is working on his newest steps. In an interview with NY Daily News he revealed to a new series he’s putting together about comedians who can freestyle their way through the crowd.

… Fuqua is teaming up with Jay Oakerson to do this new show. It’s based on what comics call “crowdwork,” an improv style of comedy. Comics argue this is the toughest style because they aren’t allowed to fall back on any of their usual material. Instead, the subject’s dictated by what’s thrown out by the audience. “So many comedians know ahead of time what they are going to say, what topics they are going to say and how they say it — when you take that away it can be very frightening,” Fuqua says. Then he adds, “I think it’s fun.”


Here’s a look at Ardie years ago at The Comedy Mixtape show in NYC. Now word on what network is expected to get behind Fuqua’s new project.

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