Ardie Fuqua Resurfaces Since Fatal Accident With Tracy Morgan, Jeff Ross Recounts The Moment

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We all know about the unfortunate accident that severely injured Tracy Morgan, and took the life of comedian Jimmy Mack last year. Ardie Fuqua who also was injured in the New Jersey crash has yet to return back to the comedy stage since the accident. Well last night things went a little different as he made a trip to New York City’s famed comedy club, The Comedy Cellar. Though Ardie didn’t tell any jokes, his visit to the club came as a surprise by many of his fellow comedians who have not seen the comedian in close to a year. Jeff Ross was one of the comics that ended up welcoming Ardie back last night, which he went to retell the moment on Instagram.

Comedian Ardie Fuqua cruised by The Comedy Cellar on Macdougal Street in New York City last night to visit the comics. We all poured out of the club to get a glimpse of him. First time we all saw him since the terrible truck accident that badly injured him and Tracy Morgan – and killed their friend and fellow comedian Jimmy Mack. That night they had all just gotten off stage at a gig on the road and were heading home in a limo when a tractor trailer truck smashed through them. Ardie’s injuries were massive and nearly killed him. All year we wondered if he’d ever be the same guy we knew. And I can tell you that he isn’t the same guy. He’s better. He’s magic. He’s hope. He’s experienced. He’s got gravitas. His positive spirit lifted all of ours. Skinny Ardie rolled up in a brand new red Caddy looking fatter and funnier than he’s ever been. A spontaneous hug and photo party took place on the street. People started coming over from all directions just to touch him. Everybody around Macdougal Street missed Ardie’s voice, humor, and infectious energy. I saw some scars and I can’t imagine his pain- but seeing him alive and smiling again made me feel powerful. Ardie’s reappearance reminded me that anything is possible in this life. He is the new Pope of Greenwich Village. The Pope isn’t quite ready to jump on stage yet but I bet he will be soon AND THAT WILL BE BIG.

Others who were in attendance included, Mike Epps, Rich Vos, Cipha Sounds, Pete Davidson, Wil Sylvince, Michael Che, and Keith Robinson.

All smiles.

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