Aries Spears Allegedly Punched During Radio Interview With Corey Holcomb, Video

Turns out that during a live recording of Corey Holcomb’s 5150 online radio show; Aries Spears who appeared as a guest was struck by the show’s co host. The co-host in question is none other than Zo Williams. Williams has been a familiar face across several platforms including his own, The Voice Of Reason. Things got heated throughout the interview and eventually hit a tipping point as the show was coming to an end. The main spark of the alleged incident happened when Aries stood up for former president Barack Obama in which Zo clearly didn’t appreciate Spears cutting him off during their debate. As you can see above; and agitated Zo then went on to threat Spears right before the video cut off. As mentioned their was a live tapping and fans who were able to watch the interview live on Ustream did go on to confirm that Aries was struck by Williams. Aries himself went on to tweet about it and confirmed that he was hit: “So on the 5150 show wit @thecoreyholcomb I touched dudes feelings so much he swung off on me w/o warning!”

As of now no footage has surfaced on the exact incident expect the moments before.

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