Aries Spears And Corey Holcomb Stand Out Amongst Voices Against Darren Wilson Not Being Indicted

aries spears corey holcomb

This evening communities across the country awaited to hear if officer Darren Wilson would be taking to court for the killing of unarmed black teen, Mike Brown. Just over 9:00 PM a Grand Jury’s decision was made public, revealing Wilson wasn’t going to be indicted. The decision sparked out an immediate outrage amongst the people in Ferguson,MO where the killing took place, as well as with others who felt connected by the story. On Twitter, Corey Holcomb, and Aries Spears stood out from fellow comedians as they simultaneously voiced their honest take on the situation. Spears went on to criticize the constant message of peace, while Holcomb criticized how media outlets like CNN decided to cover the event. Check out what they had to say in the slide below.

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