Aries Spears Gets Called Out By Philly Comedian Clint Coley, In Response To Key And Peele Comments

Aries Spears a month ago sat down with VladTV to share his thoughts on former MADtv cast members Key & Peele. The conversation went on to suggest that Aries didn’t feel that Michael Keegan Key & Jordan Peele were black enough to properly represent a black voice on film. Well Comedy Hype caught up with traveling stand-up comedian Clint Coley and got his thoughts on the Spear’s comments and he went on to point out that Spears should reconsider his thoughts since he fails to let other black comedians even open up for him.

How is Key and Peele not black enough? Who are you? You are not the black police…. Aries Spears let me ask you question, “Why don’t you let black people open for you?”…. You not being black enough… I’ve never been a fan of his attitude …

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