Aries Spears Says He Attempted His Own Version Of The Chappelle Show And Was Turned Down

The Chappelle Show easily is one of the most iconic comedy shows to date. The series was able to capture a voice of an audience that was spear headed by Dave Chappelle. Turns out that MAD TV alumni, Aries Spears looked to do the same over the recent years. But according to Aries his version of The Chappelle Show hasn’t have the smooth of a run. In an interview with VLAD TV, spears went on to speak about Dave Chappelle and his attempt to launch a new sketch series which he shared was turned down by several networks.

In our interview with Aries Spears, he talks about Chappelle’s bold moves and admits that a Chappelle Show-esque show may not be recreated as easily today. Spears told DJ Vlad, he’s tried to pitch the same type of show to major networks, but says the efforts was like “rolling a rock up hill.”

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