Aries Spears Shares He Regrets Criticizing ‘Key And Peele After Losing Out On Jordan Peele Show

Guess it’s never too late to learn a lesson as Aries Spears would reveal a recent regret he has. This week, Spears sat down with our cameras to highlight points in his career, comedy, and more. The comedy veteran who currently host the podcast Spears & Steinberg would open up about a possible mistake he made of criticizing Key And Peele a few years back on VladTV. It would turn out that Spears would end up having to audition for Key And Peele’s Jordan Peele’s newest series The Last OG. It would turn out that Spears wouldn’t get casted for the series and according to him he feels that his comments may have cost him the job. Watch below, and check out the rest of his interview on Comedy Hype’s YouTube.

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