Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Booker Reveals Top Comic Mistakes, How To Get Booked, Networking Tips & More On ‘Hot Breath! Podcast’

Getting booked at a comedy club can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things a comedian tries to do. I know I have personally struggled with this internal dialogue of “don’t they know who I am?” Many comics share this resentment, which is exactly why I decided to interview the booker of Atlanta’s own ‘Laughing Skull Lounge’. This one of a kind comedy club has been voted Best of Atlanta numerous times and also grown into a comedy destination for people around the world. In the congested world of comedy clubs, Laughing Skull ranks as an “A Room” with the industry.

Andrew George is not only the booker of Laughing Skull Lounge, the producer of the Laughing Skull Festival but also a comedian. So he has a relatable perspective all comedians and fans alike can easily understand and apply to their own careers. His insights from in front of and behind the curtain reveal everything you’ve ever wanted to know on how to get booked and exactly why you are not!

Listen to discover the roadmap to comedy success covering topics ranging from:

  • Most common mistakes comedians make when trying to get booked.
  • The professional email template to getting booked.
  • How to film your festival submission.
  • What the industry is looking for.
  • Comedy Writing Tips.
  • Advice from legendary comics.
  • Most common comic mistakes.
  • What it’s like being a comedian and also booking comedians.

Listen below:

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