Aziz Ansari Covers GQ Style: Says Trump News Is Like Reading ‘Wrestling Rumors’

The Fall issue of GQ Style is here and Aziz Ansari is ready for the cameras. For the newest cover of GQ’s Style magazine; Aziz talks fashion, politics, and his series Master Of None. At one point in his talk, Aziz went to share that he doesn’t surf the net as much anymore and went to compare Trump news to wrestling headlines. Read an excerpt of Aziz’a feature, below.

GQ STYLE: What about important news and politics?

I was reading all this Trump stuff, and it doesn’t feel like we’re reading news for the reason we used to, which was to get a better sense of what’s going on in the world and to enrich yourself by being aware. It seems like we’re reading wrestling rumors. It’s like reading about what happened on Monday Night Raw. When you take a step back, it all just seems so sensationalized. Trump’s gonna get impeached! No, he’s not. None of that shit’s happening. But you are going to read all the articles. So if you take yourself out of it, you’re not infected with this toxicity all the time. Also, guess what? Everything is fine! I’m not out of the loop on anything. Like, if something real is going down, I’ll find out about it. – AZIZ A.

Photo: GQ Style

Check out his full GQ Style feature.

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